Through the Eyes
Senso Unico Éditions
Jaimal Odedra
«The portraits in this book cover a range of ages and faces, from places over a period of a decade in Delwara, India, and the surrounding villages. Each person gazed directly into the lens, with a sense of total trust. There is serenity and frankness in their glance and a certain glimmer in their eyes, reflecting their existence and soul through their subtle expressions. These faces define the places they belong to, and they express the richness of their pure and simple, yet fulfilled lives.» [Jaimal Odedra, Through the Eyes]
• 24 x 33 cm • 168 pages • 88 colour photographs • printed on Hannoart Silk 170 gr coated paper • hardbound, cover wrap in silk • transparent pvc jacket • ISBN : 978-9954-494-16-5
Senso Unico Éditions
Jaimal Odedra was born in Africa, in 1964 and raised and educated in London. He studied at Ravensbourne School of Art to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion, and finished his education with a Master of Arts in Design at London’s prestigious Royal College of Art. He is an internationally recognized designer with design careers in Europe, India, Morocco and the USA. Throughout his many devours, Jaimal has pursued photography as a medium to enhance and enrich his work. Inspired by his numerous travels across the globe, Jaimal has been inspired by the beauty of rural, unspoilt landscapes and has captured the colours, textures, and faces of the people, which tell a story.